Companies That Sponsor Visas In Asia

Moving to the gorgeous Asian continent is always a thrilling proposition, no matter how you look at it. The rich history, culture, and scenery. What’s not to love about this?

But there will always be some form of obstacle in whatever we undertake. Obtaining a visa may be difficult and time-consuming, especially for first-timers.

As an immigrant worker, you may now ask your company to sponsor your visa by assisting you in applying and taking responsibility for you while you are in that nation.

That is why we are here. Because not every company does this, we have compiled a list of companies in Asia that sponsor visas for potential employees of international citizenship.


Why Do Asian Companies Sponsor Visas?

They do so because they have a scarcity of qualified people specialized in specific areas or departments, resulting in openings requiring expertise.

As a consequence, travelers interested in experiencing Asia and all it has to offer can apply for these professions with confidence that their visa application procedure would be simplified.


11 Companies Offering Visa Sponsorship In Asia


Now let’s take you through some of the companies that can sponsor your visa if you ever have the desire to work in Asia.


Vialto Partners

Vialto Partners is a business focused on better serving multinational enterprises and their employees by strengthening the global mobility ecosystem.

The organization fuels growth and creates a genuine impact for businesses and individuals in more than 150 countries.

They are also equipped with the support of over 6,000 dedicated immigration, tax, human resources, and technology professionals.

The following services are offered by Vialto Partners:

  • Based on a grasp of government norms and continually changing immigration laws, we provide immigration counseling, processing, and compliance services.
  • Strategies and services for real-time mobility must be developed and executed.
  • Tax planning, preparation, and cross-border compliance services are offered, as well as tax equalization and employment agreements.
  • Payroll and remuneration administration and analytics are integrated from start to finish to ensure local compliance and overall cost-effectiveness.


PwC Singapore

 Audit and assurance were the first services provided by PwC more than a century ago.

They built specialized expertise in tax, advice, and consulting to aid customers in handling developing new difficulties as time passed and the concerns affecting businesses and individuals evolved.

They include cyber security, mergers and acquisitions, climate change, digital transformation, data, and other topics.

In Singapore, they have over 3,500 partners and professionals to help handle complex challenges and identify opportunities for the public, commercial, and government organizations to progress.

They are one of the world’s largest professional services networks, with about 328,000 personnel in 152 countries, and focus on aiding enterprises and individuals in delivering the value they desire.



Newfold Digital

 Newfold Digital is a worldwide internet technology company with around seven million customers.

CrazyDomains, Bluehost, Network Solutions, HostGator, Yoast, and many other companies are part of their portfolio.

They were formed in 2021 by the combination of two well-known internet service providers, Endurance Web Presence and Group.

They help clients of all sizes establish a strong online presence.

They like working with clients to meet their online presence requirements, with a wide range of product offerings and personalized service.



 Commune uses the power of community to connect businesses with their customers. Their SaaS platform helps businesses to maximize client success through automation and no-code technologies.

Forbes just named them a top-100 Japanese startup, and they want to launch a US office in 2022.



 ByteDance is a technology company that runs several digital networks that inform, educate, entertain, and inspire people all over the world.

ByteDance, which is focused on establishing global platforms for creativity and engagement, has a product portfolio that is available in over 150 countries and 75 languages.

ByteDance’s platforms aim to enable individuals to discover and experience the world’s creativity, knowledge, and moments that matter in daily life, while also allowing everyone to be creative directly from their smartphones.

ByteDance is committed to providing our users with a safe, healthy, and enjoyable online experience.


KPMG Singapore

 KPMG Singapore is a member of a worldwide network of individual advisory services firms that offer tax, audit, and consultancies.

They have a presence in 144 countries and territories, with over 236,000 employees and partners working in member firms throughout the world.

Each KPMG company considers itself to be a legally distinct and separate corporation. KPMG International Limited operates as a private limited liability company.


GOUGH Recruitment

 GOUGH Recruiting is the industry leader in real estate, property, development, and construction recruitment, with fully integrated offices in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Singapore, Perth, and Hong Kong.

They are well-known for offering a localized service with a competent international and national reach.

GOUGH’s goal is to be the industry’s leading and preferred specialist, with a complete approach to offering exceptional people in the real estate industry.

By providing a variety of recruitment and consulting services, GOUGH has built a high-quality applicant network and a strong referral base for our clients.




 Zaiko is working on several creator-first services. Their objective is to provide a platform that allows creators and fans to communicate directly. Zaiko’s goal in creating this platform is to create a world where creators may flourish on their own.


AMTD PolicyPal

 AMTD Group is a significant global financial services firm with corporate finance activities.

They also provide wealth management, digital financial services, insurance brokerage, and non-financial operations like as real estate investment, talent training and education, innovative technologies, and investments in the digital economy.

Val Yap is the founder of PolicyPal, an insurance technology company supported by 500 Startups, PayPal, and angel investor Koh Boon Hwee.

The company is the first to graduate from Singapore’s Monetary Authority’s FinTech regulatory sandbox.

PolicyPal collaborates with 30 global insurance companies, and its platform provides US$3 billion in total assured coverage.

The firm supports consumers in analyzing their insurance needs and offers financial planning solutions to protect their health and money.



 Circles Multinational is the fastest-growing telco technology company, offering multinational telcos throughout the world a SaaS-based “Digital Telco as a Service.”

Circles-X, the world’s first cloud-native, full-stack Telco Operating System, has enabled our partners like KDDI in Japan and XL in Indonesia to provide their customers with a best-in-class experience and a digital services ecosystem.

Circles. Life is an international mobile virtual network operator based in Singapore (MVNO).

The company was founded in 2016 and initially served just Singapore, leasing its network from M1.


JAC Recruitment

 JAC began operations in Japan in 1988 and is now present in eight Asian countries.

Among other places, they have offices in Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and Korea.

They can source the finest level experts from all over the world for their clients because they have a complete awareness of their client’s demands as well as a profound understanding of lifestyle, business practices, and culture.

They locate foreign opportunities for applicants who have the goals, talents, and language proficiency to operate in today’s global business.

JAC, a renowned recruiting firm, uses its size and proven record, as well as its Asian connections and business culture, to deliver recruitment solutions to customers.



 If you’ve always wanted to work in Asia and want to have your visa sponsored, seek an employer who does it, look at their unfilled positions, and see if you can cover any gaps.

Of course, with your research, you will find that each of the organizations discussed above, all sponsor visas for foreign staff.