Best Countries For American Expats In 2023

Finding a place to live before traveling overseas might be difficult.

Certain countries are simply simpler for Americans to migrate to than others, whether they have a large number of English speakers or a welcoming expat community, a low cost of living, or an easy immigration procedure.

This article will inform you about the greatest nations for American expats right now and what they have to offer.

The bulk of American citizens residing abroad is located in neighboring Canada and Mexico.

Having said that, hundreds of thousands of Americans have successfully traveled to distant Asian countries and continental Europe as well.



How many American citizens live in other countries?

Around 9 million American residents live in other countries. This figure may not include unincorporated territory residents or military personnel.

It’s no surprise that the number of Americans living abroad has increased over time and is anticipated to continue.

Because national economies are intertwined, Americans have greater options to work overseas.



 United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is not a separate country. It is a collection of regions and countries that includes England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Many Americans choose to relocate to the United Kingdom because it has a better healthcare system, a pub culture, a better work/life balance, and high-paying jobs that seem to attract Americans.




Vietnam has one of Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing economies, a growing middle class, low crime rates, and a ridiculously low cost of living.

Americans can thrive here for nearly half the cost of living at home; spacious one-bedroom apartments in vibrant, culture-rich cities like Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi cost less than $700, and a mouth-watering bowl of ph is only $2.



Bermuda offers long-term visas that allow remote workers to find a place to call home for a year or more.

Bermuda has one of the most easily obtained visas in the world. Not only is the island only off the coast of the United States, so flight is generally cheap, but the application cost is only $263.

There are no income requirements as long as you can demonstrate that you generate enough money to sustain yourself.




Most foreigners in Mexico spend between $400 and $1,000 in rent, from the Caribbean to the Pacific, along warm beaches and in cold mountain highlands.

Mexico offers a lower cost of life and healthcare. It’s near the border. Some Individuals might commute to work in the United States and not live paycheck to paycheck.

The main hurdle may be paperwork, although flying to the US once a year to reset the clock on a six-month tourist visa is pretty straightforward.




Living on one of the world’s most culturally and geographically varied continents is now more inexpensive than ever.

While most Americans prefer well-known centers like Sydney and Melbourne, smaller towns like Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth also entice expatriates with lower rents, breathtaking landscapes, and the opportunity to truly engage and co-mingle with Australians.


The Czech Republic

An expat’s best-hidden secret is smack dab in continental Europe. The Czech Republic’s historic buildings and breathtaking landscapes are a visual feast for anyone seeking a fresh start.

Prague is the country’s capital and by far the most popular destination for American expats. Apart from Prague, places like Brno and Ostrava provide a concentrated taste of Czech culture and nature.

In comparison to most European locations, the Czech Republic has a lower cost of living.

It’s also an ideal home base for travelers, as it provides easy access to both Eastern and Western Europe.



New Zealand

Although New Zealand is well-known for its stunning scenery, it’s also one of the finest spots for American expats seeking a better work-life balance.

Auckland is a contemporary commercial and cultural center, whilst Queenstown is an adventure traveler’s dream.

The South Island is home to ancient forests, majestic glaciers, huge wine areas, and some of the world’s top ski slopes.

New Zealand has less expensive healthcare and a better environment for introverts seeking to avoid civilization.

Short-term work visas are simple to obtain for US citizens, and they do not even require a job offer before arrival.




The world’s most visited country could become your next home. Paris is a double dose of art and opportunity for international workers looking to rekindle their love of life.

Alternatively, expats seeking a more authentically French experience can work in the countryside.

In France, the norm is 35-hour work weeks, longer meals, and far more frequent vacations. This provides you more time to visit museums and wineries, even if you’ll probably simply sleep more.




Germany is a hyper-satisfying destination and one of the finest locations to live abroad for a year, just fascinating enough to keep you on your toes but familiar enough to keep you calm.

Berlin is a hub for varied businesses and partygoers looking for a lower cost of living.

Germany has a lot to offer tired Americans. It’s ideal for weekend getaways. Munich provides wonderful outdoor retreats as well as access to large global corporations.

Beautiful towns like Munich and Cologne are looking for qualified workers to meet the ever-changing demands of the technology and research industries.




Thailand is the most livable tropical paradise, with excellent infrastructure and extremely low living costs.

Thailand has emerged as one of the greatest countries in Southeast Asia for foreigners.

Thailand draws a lot of young professionals who are searching for limitless beaches, vibrant cultural experiences, and amazing street food.

Bangkok’s main city is where floating markets and modern tech centers clash, Phuket’s island has world-class beaches, and Chiang Mai in the north is your opportunity to calm down.

Thailand is a very cheap option for individuals wishing to unwind. Yet, your way of living will have a significant impact on your finances.

Cities, as assumed, are less expensive yet less opulent than islands.



Costa Rica

Costa Rica, the Central American answer to your prayers, is situated between Pacific blues and Caribbean beaches.

This tranquil country with expansive nature, friendly folks, and delicious coffee is a perfect escape for a hopeful new you.

San José has everything a city might want: cafés, activities, and a thriving art scene.

Limon is located in one of Costa Rica’s most beautiful districts and offers a unique blend of food, language, and culture.

Every year, a million Americans visit Costa Rica, and the Ticos have invested those dollars in infrastructure that makes the nation simple to travel around and enjoy.




With its many cultures, scenery, and career prospects, it’s no surprise that everyone wants to visit Canada.

Toronto is the country’s largest metropolis and home to the bulk of the country’s commercial opportunities.

While searching for the greatest areas for American expats, it may be better to stay close to home.

The most evident advantage of relocating to Canada is how similar it is to daily life in the United States.

Despite appearances, Canadians and Americans have comparable beliefs on religion, government, and individualism.

Living in the north offers variety, fantastic cuisine, low crime rates, outstanding public education, healthcare, a stable economy, eco-consciousness, and, most significantly, more nature than you can ever care about.



South Korea

South Korea remains one of the greatest areas for Americans to live overseas.

Cities with endless entertainment, four breathtaking seasons, and a thriving economy are all reasons to pack your bags and head east.

Seoul, a historic metropolis turned high-tech paradise and a melting pot of foreign personnel is front and center.

Americans are drawn to Seoul, a metropolis where public transportation is easy, shopping and street cuisine are world-class, and drinking is a national hobby.

Busan is a seaside city nestled between rocky mountains that has everything a contemporary explorer might want.

Furthermore, whether in Seoul or the smaller cities, expats in South Korea have close-knit clubs and regular gatherings.





Sweden is one of the nicest locations to live in the world. This Scandinavian destination has something for everyone: it is naturally beautiful, well-developed, and distinctive in every aspect.

Sweden is the breath of fresh air you’ve been looking for, from the metropolitan islands of Stockholm to the cheerful cadence of Uppsala.

Consider American efficiency taken to a whole new level. Sweden has a natural ease with business, transportation, and work/life balance.

Extended vacations, clean cities, and ease of access make a Swedish break from the US an attractive option.



This South American gem has world-renowned jungles and mountain peaks. Peru is an incredible spot to find your core or simply cross items off your bucket list.

Lima, South America’s capital city, is perched on a rock overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Peru also happens to be a foodie’s paradise. Fine dining is a memorable experience thanks to world-class restaurants, fresh food, and innovative chefs.

Ceviche, stews, and, of course, avocados are always prepared and waiting for the hungry traveler.