Reasons why YOU should visit Canada

Canada is a country located in North America, known for its diverse landscapes, multicultural society and high quality of life. Recently its been known as a country that receive thousands of visitors and immigrants on a yearly basis! It is often praised for its quality of life, social policies and commitment to inclusivity. It is a destination for many seeking a balance of natural beauty, economic opportunity and cultural richness.
Canada offers diverse attractions, including stunning natural landscapes like Banff National Park, vibrant cities like Toronto and Vancouver, a rich cultural scene, and friendly locals. Whether you’re into outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, or simply enjoying diverse cuisine, Canada has something for everyone. Plus, it’s known for its safety, cleanliness, and high quality of life.
Visiting Canada as a Nigerian can be a unique and enriching experience. Canada is known for its multiculturalism, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore diverse communities, try different cuisines, and engage with a variety of cultures. The country’s natural beauty, from the Rockies to Niagara Falls, offers breathtaking scenery.
Canada is also welcoming to tourists, and you can experience a high standard of safety and cleanliness. Additionally, exploring the historical sites, museums, and vibrant city life provides a well-rounded travel experience. Whether you’re interested in outdoor adventures, city exploration, or cultural immersion, Canada has something for every traveler.
Visiting Canada comes with several benefits:
1. Great outdoors and scenery;
With scenic coastlines, magnificent mountains, sprawling prairies and picturesque forests, you can certainly say Canada is home to some spectacular scenery. The different landscapes and cultures across the territories and provinces in the country are incredibly diverse with some regions home to icefields and mountains and others to world-class beaches and coastlines.
The great outdoors is one of the main reasons why so many people book flights to Canada from the UK as there are lots of activities to enjoy and photo opportunities to be had.
Someone once described the scenery as something never seen before; The Canadian Rockies are spectacular with some of the tallest snowy mountains and bluest glacier-fed lakes you’ve ever seen. There’s no feeling like hiking to a secluded spot looking out on the most incredible views in every direction. Canada is certainly a playground for anyone who loves the great outdoors.
While the likes of Niagara Falls and the Rocky Mountains are what most people associate with Canada’s great outdoors, there are lots of other places you can enjoy in Canada. Explore a wide range of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing, and wildlife viewing, depending on the season and location. Canada offers a plethora of outdoor activities due to its diverse landscapes. Whether you enjoy the mountains, lakes, forests or coastlines, there’s something for everyone. Some popular outdoor activites in Canada includes; Hiking, skiing and snowboarding, canoeing and kayaking, camping, wildlife viewing, rock climbing, fishing, mountain biking, whale watching, golf, dog sledding, zip-lining, hot springs, surfing and many fun ones to discover when you visit Canada! Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or someone seeking for a more relaxed outdoor experience, Canada’s diverse environment provides a wide array of activities throughout the year.

2. Delicious food and drink
Canada offers a rich culinary experience with a diverse range of foods influenced by its multicultural population and regional specialties.
The different cultures mean the cuisine is varied and there are lots of innovative breweries that are producing local beers in places like Ontario and Nova Scotia. The dining scene in Canada is vibrant with many restaurants and cafes offering farm-to-table cuisine and, especially in the Maritimes, serving up some of the freshest seafood you can enjoy in the world.
If you’re visiting Canada then you have to try poutine, which is considered the national dish. The hot and gooey dish includes chips smothered in rich gravy before being topped with cheese curds or cheese sauce.
Examples of Canadian dishes are;
* Poultine: a classic Canadian dish originating from Quebec consisting of French fries topped with cheese curds and smothered in gravy.
* Butter tarts: these sweet and gooey pastries are a Canadian dessert staples, they typically contain butter, sugar, and eggs in a flaky pastry shell
* Maple Syrup: Canada is the world’s largest producer of maple syrup. It is usually enjoyed with pancakes or used as a sweetener in various dishes.
* Tourtiere: a traditional French-Canadian meat pie, often enjoyed during the holiday season. The filling typically includes a mix of ground meats.
* Bannock: a type of flatbread with indigenous roots, bannock can be baked or fried and is enjoyed in various forms.
* Ketchup chips: a unique Canadian snack, ketchup-flavoured potato chips are a popular and distinctly flavoured chip option.
Canada also has wonderful drinks, drinks you wouldn’t want to miss out in trying them. Some examples are the Ice wine, Canadian whisky, Caesar, Labatt and Molson beers, spruce beers, Canadian club, Tim Horton’s coffee and others you will discover when you visit. Exploring local markets and trying regional specialties is a great way to experience a diversity of Canadian food and drinks.
3. Northern Lights in the Yukon
The Yukon, located in Canada’s far northwest, is an excellent place to witness the mesmerizing phenomenon of the Northern lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis. The best time to see the Northern lights in the Yukon is during the winter months, from late August to mid- April. The long nights and clear skies provide optimal conditions for Aurora viewing.
The northern lights are a natural phenomenon and while the Yukon offers excellent viewing, there are no guarantees. Patience and persistence often pay off when seeking to witness this breathtaking display of lights in the night sky.
4. Amazing cities
Canada is home to several amazing cities, each offering its own unique charm, cultural attractions and natural beauty. Here are some notable cities in Canada;
• Toronto, Ontario – Canada’s largest city, known for its diverse population, iconic skyline and cultural attractions such as CN tower, Royal Ontario Museum and vibrant neighborhoods like Kensington market. With world-renowned restaurants, a vibrant sports scene, lots of attractions and museums, it’s little surprise why the city is so popular. It’s a great starting point if you are looking to explore more of Ontario.
• Vancouver, British Columbia – Surrounded by mountains and the pacific ocean, Vancouver is celebrated for its stunning scenery. It is a city that seamlessly blends outdoor activities with urban living. This city offers you a bit of everything as you can go sailing or kayaking in the morning and skiing in the afternoon as it is ideally located between the Pacific Ocean and the Coastal Mountain Range.
• Montréal , Quebec– A city with a rich cultural heritage, Montreal is known for its festivals, historic architectures and a thriving arts scene. Explore old Montreal, attend the Montreal Jazz festival and savour delicious cuisine. The city is incredibly diverse with more than 80 languages spoken here.
• Calgary, Alberta – Nestled near the rocky mountains, Calgary is known for its annual Clagary stampede, a celebration on the western culture. The city is home to the world-famous Calgary Stampede and is just a stone’s throw away from the Canadian Rocky Mountains. It is also a gateway to outdoor adventures like hiking and skiing.
• Ottawa, Ontario – The capital city of Canada, it is home to important national institutions and landmarks including the Parliamentary hill, the national gallery of Canada and the Rideau Canal.
• Saskatoon, Saskatchewan – situated along the south Saskatchewan river, Saskatoon boasts a lively art scene, riverfront parks and a welcoming community.
• St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador: the easternmost city in North America, st. John’s is known for its colourful row of houses, historic sites and the rugged beauty of Newfoundland.
• Victoria, British Columbia – located on Vancouver Island, Victoria is known for its British Colonial architecture, the beautiful Burkhart Gardens and begin a gateway to outdoor activities.
• Winnipeg, Manitoba – a city with a rich history and diverse cultural influences. Winnipeg is home to museums for Human rights and the Winnipeg Art Gallery.
• Halifax, Nova Scotia: A historic port city, Halifax offers a mix of maritime heritage, vibrant waterfront and cultural experiences. Don’t miss the historic citadel and the scenic Peggy’s cove.
• Edmonton, Alberta: Known for its festivals, parks and cultural attractions, Edmonton is a vibrant city. Explore West Edmonton Mall, visit the Royal Alberta museum and enjoy the river valley parks.
These cities showcase the diversity of Canada, offering a mix of cultural experiences, outdoor adventures and unique attractions. Each city has its own character, making Canada a fascinating country to explore.
5. Wildlife in Canada
Canada is home to a diverse range of wildlife due to its vast and varied ecosystems, from forests and mountains to tundra and coastline.
One of the things which are high on many people’s list when booking a holiday to Canada is spotting some of the country’s most famous animals and there are lots you can potentially see. Examples of notable species of wildlife found in Canada are; the Moose, Grizzly bear, Bald eagle, Beaver, Polar bear, Caribou, Gray wolf, Whale species, Atlantic Puffing, Muskox, Cougar, Atlantic salmon, sea otter, red fox and many others. Canada’s diverse ecosystems supports a wide array of wildlife, making it a haven to nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. Conservation efforts play as crucial role in protecting these species and their habitats.

6. Friendly locals
Canada is known for its friendly and welcoming population. They are recognized for their hospitality, politeness and openness to newcomers, immigrants and visitors. They also have helpful attitudes, they are generally willing to offer assistance and provide directions if you are looking lost or looking for information. They also give friendly responses.

7. Rich culture
Canada boasts of a rich and diverse cultural tapestry shaped by indigenous heritage, historical influences and waves of immigration. No matter which part of Canada you are visiting you’ll find people, culture and communities that encapsulate the past of the country. There is a rich indigenous culture that can be found across the country and you can enjoy First Nations art in the likes of British Columbia.
Canada’s rich cultural diversity is a source of pride for its residents and contributes to a dynamic and inclusive society. The interweaving of traditions, languages and customs creates a cultural landscape that continues to evolve and shape the identity of the nation.

8. The Rocky Mountaineer
The rocky mountaineer is a luxury train service that offers scenic journeys through the stunning landscapes of the Canadian Rockies and other regions in Western Canada. The Rocky Mountaineer train journey is one of the most iconic railway journeys in the world, not only do you get unrivalled views of the Rocky Mountains from its glass-roofed double-decker carriages, but the incredible hosts make sure you’re comfortable and tell you fascinating stories about the different places you travel past.

It is renowned for providing a unique and comfortable way to experience the stunning beauty of the Canadian Rockies and other scenic regions. It combines the romance of train travel with world class service, making it a memorable journey for travelers seeking a luxurious exploration of western Canada.
9. national parks
Canada is home to a vast and diverse system of national parks, each offering unique landscapes, wildlife and outdoor experiences. Canada’s national parks are home to some spectacular landscapes that are among the world’s most beautiful natural sights. There are more than 40 national parks you can visit in Canada and they are varied with some home to temperate rainforests and others Arctic tundra.
One of the best ways to explore Canada’s national parks is to rent a car or motor home and camp in the national park you are visiting.
Examples of notable national parks are Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Yoho National Park, Waterton Lakes National Park, Kootenay National Park, Pacific Rim National Park, La Mauricie National Park and many others.
These national parks showcase the diverse natural beauty that Canada has to offer, from the rugged mountains of the west to the coastal landscapes of the east. These parks provides opportunities tor outdoor recreation, wildlife viewing and a chance to connect with Canada’s pristine wilderness.

10. Winter sports
Canada with its diverse landscapes and winter climate is a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Some examples of winter sports are skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, ice skating, snowmobiling and many more.
In conclusion, there are a lot Canada has to offer. Do not miss the chance to visit Canada and experience it’s scenic, mesmerizing and entrancing environment and landscapes. Good news is that the locals are friendly and it is quite easy to visit Canada or even move into Canada compared to other countries.