Best Asian Countries To Work In 2023

Working in Asia may be a life-changing experience, both emotionally and professionally.

Living and working in another country is an excellent opportunity to learn about the world, yourself, and what it implies to be a global citizen.

As the globe grows more linked, an increasing number of individuals are looking for a job outside of their native country, but determining where to move overseas can be tough.

For foreign citizens, Asia has enormous promise; yet, selecting the proper destination that matches your needs is as important as your reason for going.

When looking for work in an Asian country, some people consider the environment to be equally as important as the pay.

We’ve produced a list of 10 of the best Asian countries to work in to help you discover your ideal job abroad.


What are the Best Asian Countries to Work in?

These nations are included in no particular order, although they all represent very attractive locations for finding short-term work or establishing a career.


Singapore welcomes business investment and encourages businesses to set up shop there.

Singapore offers a diverse range of professional opportunities and appealing options for experienced specialists in a variety of sectors.

Singaporean wages are competitive, and businesses are always eager to pay top dollar for qualified overseas candidates. The income tax in the nation is relatively low.

Employees are expected to contribute to the Singapore social security system monthly as part of their wages.

These contributions include funds for retirement and healthcare benefits. Parental leave is also permitted in specific circumstances.

It is regarded as one of the cleanest and safest cities in Asia, as well as a magnet for individuals looking for work abroad in a culturally varied and intriguing city.



China boasts several industrial cities and one of the world’s best economies.

The Asian behemoth boasts one of the fastest expanding economies, which contributes to its low jobless rate.

China is less expensive than most other countries, and many jobs offer competitive pay within their field.

China is quickly developing, bringing with it a wealth of professional opportunities. A lot of money is flowing into China, and as a result, new businesses are springing up all over the place.

Aside from the ease with which ex-pats may find work in China, many jobs need persons to have a varied range of skills, giving them the possibility to develop new ones.

Another big advantage of working in China is the opportunity to learn about a different culture. Employees benefit greatly from this since it opens up new opportunities for them.



Vacations are a significant benefit of working in Indonesia. You may utilize your leisure time outside of work to do anything you want to de-stress.

Many people also use the chance to spend time with their families.

Indonesia’s diverse beginnings make the country susceptible to new ideas and discoveries that encourage growth.

Annually, the economy gets better as more people come up with fresh ideas for their businesses. However, as the economy grows, the competition heats up.

Indonesian law also protects women, particularly new moms.

It is vital to gain the trust of pregnant female workers so that they may work with much less stress and with a greater guarantee of safety. They are still compensated while they are away.



Thailand is no stranger to some of the world’s most powerful multinational enterprises.

Bangkok’s central business district is home to foreign firms’ branch offices, as well as various tourist and transportation businesses.

Thailand’s position as the region’s second-largest economy is bolstered further by the country’s small but growing startup industry.

When compared to other nearby countries, living in Thailand is more affordable and straightforward.

You need not stay in Thailand to see that, despite rapid economic growth, most things are still cheaply priced.



Taiwan is a wonderful destination to hunt for new job opportunities. The majority of firms in all industries are run by foreigners from all over the world.

Taiwan has a low unemployment rate and provides work opportunities for people of all skill sets.

Taiwan boasts Asia’s seventh strongest economy, and incomes in Taiwan are quite high with living expenses.

The rich and diverse culture is one of the most compelling reasons to work in Taiwan.

Taiwan is an intriguing area to visit and work because of its many influences from neighboring states, as well as cultural influences.

Taiwan, an often-overlooked vacation location, is an excellent place to go away and interact with nature.

The low levels of violence and crime in Taiwan make it a pleasant place to work, and it is one of the prime reasons to work in Taiwan.



Malaysian life is straightforward, inexpensive, and low-stress. Most of the people retired early, which they might have done if they had stayed in their own country.

Malaysia, which is located in southeast Asia and has numerous supermarkets and retail malls, has become a center of attention for high-end real estate operations, similar to Hong Kong.

Malaysians are really friendly people. It’s also nice to know that you can speak English as soon as you walk off the plane.

The country’s transit links are superb, and you may quickly travel to neighboring cities or even countries and return.


South Korea

South Korea has recently acquired popularity as a work-abroad location, and rightly so.

Busan, Seoul, and Daegu all boast substantial ex-pat populations, vibrant nightlife, and, most importantly, wonderful food.

Korea is one of the finest nations to work in for its globally recognized pop culture, world-class food, growing economy, and high earnings.

Education is highly valued in the Korean industry. As a part of a Korean organization, you will get access to several self-development activities, including workshops and seminars.

Collaboration is also very essential to them. It is one of their goals for their employees to form close-knit groups that contribute to a healthy working environment.

Working in Korea will undoubtedly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for any foreign worker.



Vietnam is not only stunning, but also interesting due to its history, culture, and people.

Vietnam’s economy is regarded as a growing Asian economy.

Hundreds of new businesses are founded each year, encouraging economic development and employment creation around the country.

Vietnam is a well-known worldwide tourist destination.

Apart from the stunning scenery and wonderful cuisine, people frequently recommend visiting Vietnam because it is rich in tradition and history, with distinct traits that define Vietnamese culture.

The number of immigrants coming to work in Vietnam has recently increased significantly.

They come to Vietnam in search of a better career that matches their qualifications. Furthermore, some international jobs in Vietnam are appealing to foreigners.

When compared to other nations, Vietnam ranks high among those with the lowest cost of living in the globe.



The global rise of digital nomads has motivated certain governments to entice these professionals with favorable immigration policies and other incentives.

Cambodia has a sizable ex-pat population and has recently attracted the attention of remote workers seeking a low cost of living, gorgeous culture, tropical weather, and world-class food.

You will most likely meet other ex-pats who share your ambitions, and with the cost of living in Cambodia being so low, you may maintain a fantastic work-life balance.

The low cost of living in Cambodia provides an opportunity for international employees to save money while maintaining a good level of life.

However, the average wage in Cambodia is substantially lower than in the other nations on the list, so keep that in mind if you want to look for work locally.



Australia rates itself as a country with a high quality of life and living standards.

People have a fantastic work-life balance, and it is easy to enjoy time away from work in such a beautiful country.

Even though the cost of living in Australia is extremely high, foreigners may still live comfortably due to the comparatively high minimum income.

Australia is a good alternative for tourists seeking job exchange opportunities.

Furthermore, the demand for labor in the agricultural business across Australia, as well as the lack of a language barrier for English speakers, make Australia a dangerous opponent.



Living and working outside of your native country and immersing yourself in another culture is an eye-opening experience. Work abroad, whether in Asia or not, to broaden your horizons and create unforgettable memories.